Thank You!!!

I just wanted to take this time and say thank you to those that read my blog and take the time to comment. Your kind words and especially your prayers are appreciated greatly!!!

This New Year holds many new things for me. I'm working on the restoration of my marriage/family, working out my faith, and improving my sewing skills.

My heart is heavy but my hopes are high. I know He is with me! His plans for me are greater than I can imagine.

- iTasha


Love Abounds At Home said...

Holla at me if you need help on your sewing skills :)

Persuaded said...

Still praying for you dear♥

Angie said...

only Christ can lift out the valley and bring us to the mountain tops. But only if we seek His face, and look for His strength.

May you He give you strength when you are weak, and guide you through the valley

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