The Newest Member of Our Family

In our family, I am the only one that has had girls.  My sisters have had boys and I also have one son.  So out of the children and grandchildren, there are a total of 5 girls and 5 boys.  I've always wanted a niece, but my sisters don't seem to know how to make those ;-).

Well, my nephew now has a baby girl born Monday evening.  Her name is Sheridan and she weighed 6lbs.  I haven't gotten the chance to go see her yet.  I'm so excited and can't wait.  She's the spitting image of her father.  I remember so vividly what he looked like as a baby and from all the pictures I've seen, she looks like his twin.

He's a very proud daddy and already very protective.


L said...

Congratulations and best wishes. Babies are such a blessing.

Love Abounds At Home said...

Congratulations on your nephew being born :)

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