A name for my business

I've chosen a name for my business!  I've been pondering and praying over that for months, not sure I would ever come up with one and then not sure the one I came up with would be suitable or likable.  Would it sound cheesy or would it really represent me.  However, I like it!!!


I'll set up my Etsy shop soon.  I want to get a few of the items I plan to sell made up first and THEN do a bit more reading on how to set up my Etsy shop.

I'd love to get some tips, pointer, ideas for my profile and introduction to my shop, so if you'd like to volunteer some I'd be extremely appreciative.  If there is one thing I don't do well, it's brag on myself.  I just find it so totally hard to do and yet I'm told that is exactly what I will need to do in my profile.


Persuaded said...

That sounds like a wonderful name Tasha! I have changed the name of mine from Tomato Soup Cake to Lovely Coverings which I like very much☺

oh, and if you find any pointers on the profile thing, let me know! I am in dire need of some help myself;)

Angie said...

that is a cute name!


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