I'm in the market for a new job.  I've wanted to be closer to home and not have to deal with the long commute every day.  It would also mean that I would have more time at home.
I know God has told me to step out on faith and get back to the basics as I was in late 2005.

There is just one little problem...I'm afraid!!!!

The difference..I wasn't working then and had no choice but to TRUST HIM.
Now, I'm working and I've come to the point where I rely on my income instead of the Source of my income.  I've gotten comfortable.
Not to mention that I've heard so many say I'd be crazy to go to a lower paying job just for the comfort of being closer to home.  That I'd lose all these great benefits that many are wishing they had.
Aghhhhhh, just enough to drive you crazy!!!!

I would rather step out on faith than have Him to allow me to get to the point where I have no choice.

Life is never dull!!!


Angie said...

I think you should head the calling of the Holy Spirit and do what God has called you to do.. each day you go against what the Holy Spirit has prompted is each day you miss out on the miracles and blessings only Christ can bestow on your life.

Persuaded said...

It is scary I know... especially when you don't have another adult in the family to bounce your thoughts,ideas and fears off of. I am praying that the Lord will make His will abundantly clear to you ((hugs))


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