Spirit Filled Sunday

Church was totally awesome today!!!  Well, I've yet to find a Sunday that it wasn't awesome....have I told you lately that I LOVE MY CHURCH?

Pastor Evans has been doing a series on Ephesians 6:10-17 "The Armor of God".  If I tell you every Sunday has been FULL of truth, greatness, sweetness, and food, then those are just understatements of what we have been getting.  I've purchased most of the series, I think I lack 2 Cd's.  I so wish I could post them to my blog so everyone could get a taste.

We are almost finished with this series...this is just a part of our year long series of Knowing God.  Today was Ephesians 6:17 ~ And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.  
The Word of God can just be a useless book if we leave it sitting on our coffee tables or night stands.  It has no effect just sitting around like a lucky charm.  Yet it becomes logos to us when we open it and begin to read it and gain understanding of it.  Now it's great to have the Bible in our homes.  It's great that we have access to it, but if we don't open it, it's just like every other book in our home.  When we get understanding and knowledge from it, if we just leave it in that state, it still doesn't do us much good to just have the knowledge. It's like having a lamp and a socket and if you don't plug it up the lamp is of no effect....it doesn't give us light until we plug it in and then just because we have plugged it in it still has not made great change until we flip the switch.  
Now when we take the Word of God and inject it into our lives, our situations, our daily battles, THEN and only then does it become that living two edge sword spoken of in Hebrews 4:12.

I'm guilty of the enemy bringing something up in my life, getting all in my face, turning life upside down and I may say a quick prayer, but then I start calling on other folks to pray (please don't misunderstand where I am going with this).  Or I start getting their opinions and thoughts on the situations I'm going through or my children are going through.  I start thinking on that thing and rehearsing all the what ifs in my head.  I can play out 5 different scenarios of a situation and have all the things lined up that I would do.  You know those plan A's and B's (please I hope you're hearing my heart).  But God is bigger than all our what ifs.  He's bigger than all our plan A's and B's.  

God wants us to do just as Jesus did when the enemy gets in our face.  Feed him the Word!!!!  It's the ONLY thing that makes him shut up!  In Matthew 4, it says that  Jesus was led in the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.  He was led by the Spirit, which we also know to be God....hello, could it be that God does the same thing to us as well?   So He is in the wilderness and 3 times the enemy gets in His face and tells Him all these things he can give Him or do for Him.  Sounds just like what the enemy does to us.  He has no new tactics and just repeats the same thing over and over from one person to the next.  He promises us things that will give us great pleasure and satisfaction for a moment.  He's out for our worship!!!!
Sorry I digress.... But these 3 times Jesus says "it is written".  Now the Word is the only thing that makes the enemy tremble.  He knows the word and even sits in on church services too, and he doesn't mind it when we go to church and hear the word.  Most Christians don't use the Word though.  We hear it and that's it, we don't do anything with it.  We believe it, but we don't do anything to make it life changing in our lives or others.

Am I ever so guilty of doing this?!  I've got a number of Bibles in my home.  I've got several books that give scriptures for different situations in our lives.  Yet, when something comes up in my life I run to post a prayer request to FB or my blog or send out a mass txt message.  Now having others pray is great and He wants us to carry the burdens of others in prayer before Him.  But so often I don't pick up any of the tools I have at my disposal and remind the devil what God's word says.  Now I know we are to remind God of His word, but Jesus also reminded the devil what God's word said.  It was with these 3 reminders that the enemy fled and after fleeing, it was then that the path was made clear for the angels to come and minister to Jesus.  

Could God have led you to the wilderness to remind the enemy of HIS Word and basically tell him to back the heck up and move on!!??  Could it be that God is waiting on us before He sends His angels to minister to us in our time of need?  

I've got several situations going on in my life and I will be honest, not once did I remind the devil of God's word!!!!! I've done everything but that, to include crying and pouting and feeling sorry for myself.  But it was my God that said He would supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  

rhema word penetrate your heart and life.  Speak back the rhema word and allow it to cause the enemy to flee!!!!

Now I hope I didn't muddle that up too bad.  You know sometimes my mind runs away and my fingers can't keep up!  ;-)

Have a blessed remaining Lord's Day!!!

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