12:43 PM God Gave YOU to Me!!!

As I've been reflecting over the last 17 years of my life, I can't help but think about yours too.  17 years ago God gave you to me.  I was blessed doubly with a second baby girl.  I was amazed and yet nervous, how could I raise not one, but two little girls.
You are the apple of my eye, the pep in my step.  I am ever so intrigued by you.
You are original in all you do and I love to see how God is shaping your life.
You are more like me than you know and to watch you now become the nurturer God intended, it is breathtaking.  You love life and you love others beyond yourself.
Your laughter is contagious and your smile is stunning.  You are my baby girl no matter how old you get.
My heart ached when the doctor told me you would have to be born via c-section.  I was so afraid and feared that something would happen to you.  Then you were brought forth and I heard you cry...my heart stopped beating as I waited impatiently to see you for the first time.  They wouldn't let your dad in with me and I couldn't see what they were doing to you.  I remember hearing the nurse say, she's a mean little one and she doesn't like what we are doing at all!  Then, they brought you to where I could see you and kiss you.  You had a frown on your face, ;-) you still make that face whenever you first wake up.
You were the total opposite of your sister.  You were quiet and I rarely knew when you woke up, as you would just lay there frowning.  Your sister would come running and tell me you were awake!  Then when we tried to teach your sister to say your name, she couldn't.  She made up her own name for you...Kooka.  It stuck and you have been our Kooka ever since.
You've heard the story time and time again, but one of our favorite stories is of you sitting in the hallway in your swing.  I would cook and clean the kitchen with you sitting there.  You were so quiet, I was afraid that I wouldn't hear you and you would get hurt.  So in the swing you would go, only to have your sister come barreling down the hall and push you in your swing and run back into the living room laughing.  Your swing would go as high as it could go and your eyes would be wide with fear.  I felt so sorry for you and would give up cleaning just so I could hold you and assure you that I would keep you safe. Of course we laugh now, but man that was a scary moment for me...and she did it every day, even after she would get a spanking.  Well, she continued until your daddy spanked her.
Precious is what you are and it's what my brother called you.  He said you were like a fine china doll and you were his precious.  You stayed close to him even as his last days on earth overtook him.  You would sit quietly with him and he would talk with you ever so sweetly.  You'd even cry for him.
I pray I've taught you well and that God will give me wisdom to teach you things I've left out.  Remember, there is no greater love than God's love.  You ARE a rare jewel.
You are still precious and I am blessed to call you my daughter.  I love you with all my heart.  I'm trusting God to continue leading you to be the young woman He has created you to be.  Continue following Him, He will never lead you wrong.  Happy Birthday sweet girl, I love you!!!!

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