His Amazing Love & Provision

How does one trust that God will do what He said He will do?

Believe and Have Faith!!!

I know that sounds so simple, but seriously that's all it boils down to.  I have my moments where my faith is shaky.  I have my moments of doubting.  I am now on the ride of my life of absolute and total faith.  I'm working a job that now pays even less than half of what I once made, I'll be opening my Etsy shop soon and selling handmade baby items and I'm on the hunt for several homes to clean so that I can at least pay the bills.
I'm not worried about things, I am prayerful.  I am learning how to trust my God to supply all our needs just as He promised.  Though these are my plans, I'm flexible enough now to change them or have them be changed however or whenever God so chooses.

Well, today was a day of that provision.  I have now gained one client to clean her home every other week.  Does that put a dent in the income needs?  No, but it is definitely a start.

We do often fret over the things that need to be done and taken care of.  We often say God will provide.  But we are most often trying to figure things out on our own.  Yes, I am guilty.  I get out my pen and paper, writing down lists of what ifs, and more often than not, none of my plans materialize and I have to resort to praying and asking God to provide anyway.  So I'm maturing spiritually though I've been a Christian for over 10 years.  I'm just getting to the point that I can honestly say I trust God completely.  I've had my moments of trusting Him but never as completely as I am in this stage of the game.

I will admit that my need to know is lessening more and more.  The more I'm just living a simple life and learning to truly live one day at a time (moment by moment), the more I really don't need to know everything.  I don't need to know what God is going to do nor how He's going to do it.  My provision will be totally different from your provision.  Yet what doesn't change is that God is still the provider.

As I was on the bus today, I thought about the acronym I've seen before... K I S S; Keep it Simple Stupid.  If we would do just that and keep life as simple as possible, slow things down a bit, not be in everyone's business, not have the need to know everything going on in the world and around us, not have the need for something to be going on at every moment, and just let God be God and deal with the major and the minor things in our lives, we really could just be like the Israelites in the wilderness and trust God to provide all our needs.

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