Oh how I miss my babies!

For the past 9 days, my children have been at my sisters home.  My oldest daughters pen pal from the UK is visiting.  She'll leave next Monday.  I had to have the kids stay with my sister because our home is just not in an acceptable condition for guest nor is there adequate space.
I spent last weekend with them and will spend this up coming weekend with them as well.  I had hoped she was having a good time, but alas, I think she's bored.
For one, I'm a single, working mama and just don't have the funds or time to take them to all the places they wanted to go.  Second, we just aren't a family that's on the go day in and day out.
I did plan things for the weekend.  Last Friday, I made burgers and fries for dinner.  The kids went to the movies.  Saturday we went to an amazing flower garden, The Dallas Arboretum.  For lunch/dinner we went to Chipotle.  My sister then dropped them all off at the mall and I picked them up later.  Sunday we went to church and it was an amazing service.  I'm pooped out by this time and just want to slow it down.
This weekend, will be another busy one.  Friday I'm laying low.  Saturday we'll go to Six Flags.  Sunday, church again...Pastor Evans returns from a month long family vacation.  I can't wait to hear what the Lord has been speaking to him.  Monday is a holiday for me, but we also have to get up bright and early so we can take Katie to the airport.  I'm heading home after that and HOPEFULLY I can get some sewing done.

Oh did you know that September is National Sewing Month?

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