First Full Week of Driving

The last two weeks have been pretty busy for me.  About 4 weeks ago I obtained my CDL permit.  I then had to prepare for the driving test.  Practically every day last week I went to take the driving test and every time I was turned away.  They only take so many people each day for road tests because there are only 2 people in the office at that location.  We could go to other locations, but they were just as bad.  Sigh......
I finally decided I was going to go on Monday at 7, an hour before they opened, and just wait.  Someone would bring the bus to me for the test.
Well, the lady starts off explaining what she will be looking for during the test and that I could miss a total of 30 points.  At the end of the test, she informed me that I had missed 14 points and had passed the test.
RELIEF!!!!  I was so totally nervous about the air brake test.  I practiced and practiced and practiced until I was sick of talking about that mess.  And then when I did it I passed it with flying colors!!!!  All praises to Jesus.

Then I get back to the school on Monday afternoon and I'm informed that I will be driving the bus and the former driver will just ride to make sure I get to the stops correctly.  I went to bed early Monday night so I could be ready bright and early Tuesday morning.  GUESS WHAT????  I overslept!!!  Can you believe it?  They won't let me live it down and so my new nickname at the bus barn is sleepy.
I did do the afternoon route and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I did the morning and afternoon route.
Wednesday I get to the bus barn to discover that another driver has need of my bus and I have to take a spare bus.  It's not one of the short buses either, it's one of the long ones.  I'm then informed that Thursday I have to take the long, spare bus as well because my bus has a fuel leak.  I gladly leave it right there and take the spare bus.
The thing about my bus is that it's not a very smooth ride.  It actually feels like there are transmission issues.  You have to floor the gas pedal and it goes rather slowly for about 1-3 miles and then wham it leaps into what I call overdrive.  I love my route and the kids on the route, but I sure hate the bus.  I'm told I should get a new bus some time this month.  I'm pretty excited about that!!!

So overall, my first full week of driving the school bus as an official school bus driver has been fun, refreshing, and relaxing.  I'm so glad I made the switch in jobs when I did...actually, I wish I had done it sooner.


Vee said...

Congrats on passing that test! It must've been all the stress that made you sleep in. It'll give them something to tease about for a while. All the best with getting a new bus...I'm praying that you do sooner rather than later.

Love Abounds At Home said...

So glad your first week of driving went well.....besides your bus. It will be nice when you get a new bus. kind of like getting a new car, but you don't have to pay to put gas in it. Can't wait to hear more about your bus adventures :)


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