Just had to share

Whenever someone new leaves a comment on my blog, I go to their blog and read all about them.  I sure do, know shame in my game.  I love to see who's following me or reading my blog.  I like to "get to know" a person that way.  Then, I go to their blog list of blogs they follow and I go to every blog they follow to see if any of them interest me and if so then I start following their blogs for a while.  I often purge alot of them after some time, but I end up following many.
Well, I just went through a purge and deleted most of the blogs that had to do with sewing.  I don't know if I'll ever really sew clothing and it's really not a great interest to me at this time.  I kept the few that had to do with quilting, Etsy, or those I know that sew gifts.  However, after going to Lady Kara's blog, I added a few! ;-)

I found some delightful ones and some inspiring ones too.  There is one I just haven't been able to stop reading.  Oh another thing I do when I start following a blog is go back to their day one and read EVERY SINGLE POST they have written up to the current one.  It's just a quirk I have, I think it helps me to "know" the person a little better.  And by the way Lady Kara, I love you! You are my kinda girl (woman)....geesh can I just say girl? LOL

Oh sorry, I digress.  So this blog...I've yet to go back to her day one, she has so much good stuff that God has already been using to speak to my heart, that I haven't been able to get to her beginning cause I'm just all over her blog.  Now this never happens cause I like things to be done in a certain order and well, I'll just say God has something else in mind this time.

Oh, you wanna know the blog? SORRY.  Women Living Well  It is so full of stuff.  I've prayed, cried, laughed, hoped, been inspired.  Check it out, you won't be disappointed!!!!


Anonymous said...


You definately sound like a lady who is not afraid to speak her mind (and that's not a bad thing). :)

At any rate, I found your blog via my friend's blog, Kara (the one you mentioned in this post), and decided to pay you a visit and say, "Hello."

Have a blessed day. :)

-Lady Rose

Tasha said...

Oh Lady Rose, you would never believe how painfully shy I am.

Thanks for stopping by!!! I totally love comments.


Lady Kara said...

Hey, Tasha! (Hey, Rose!)

Thank you for saying (typing) such nice things about me. Isn't Women Living Well great? I hope you continue to be blessed from it. Have a great weekend!

Lady Kara said...

BTW, Love your new blog song! LOL :^D

Tasha said...

LOL Thank you My Lady...I didn't know the name of the song and when I heard it on your blog, I knew I had to "grab it". I love that song!!!!

Love Abounds At Home said...

Tasha I just want to say that I'm so thankful that I found you through blogging :)

Tasha said...


I am ever so thankful I've found you through blogging as well. You have been a blessing in my life!!!!

L said...

Yup, what would we do without Tasha. Our lives would not be as blessed. Tasha is not shy. She has the best laugh. She is also a deep spiritual thinker.


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