One More Day

I can't believe the time is so near.  Two days from today, my mother would have turned 69 years old and in honor of her, I am opening my Etsy shop on her birthday.  This is very exciting and sad all at the same time.  How I desperately wish she could have been here to see and hear about this adventure I'm embarking upon.  This year has been full of stepping out on faith for me and I just wish I could share it with her.

Sooooooooo, the next few days and weeks will be a bit hectic, I'm sure.  Tomorrow I will be selecting a winner for my giveaway.  This item will make a perfect gift for one of your expecting friends or a great addition to your baby items.  

I have completely enjoyed making the items I will list tomorrow.  I've prayed over each item and the person that will receive them as I've sewn them.  I pray they will be a blessing to all.  



Love Abounds At Home said...

It's bitter sweet, but I know she would have been so proud of you. *hugs*
Imagine her birthday party in heaven this year :)

L said...

I agree with Love Abounds At Home, your mom would be proud of you. We are too. Can't wait until Friday. You will be Friday's blurb over at Single Homeschooling Mommas.

Lady Kara said...

Yes, we are all proud, dear heart. And we know that your mother would be so happy that her baby girl has a shop. :^) You will do well, and I will pray and have faith. God bless you.

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