What a lovely Saturday

The sun is streaming through my windows, the warmth from it's rays is delightful.
I got to sleep in today.  It's not something I get to do often, so I take advantage of it when I can.  Instead of getting up at 4:30 AM, I blissfully slept in until 9 AM!!!!!!!

There are things I want to do today, but now that I've rested, I feel so refreshed and ready to get moving, from my bed to the bathroom and then to my sewing machine!!

I don't plan to leave my home today simply because I don't have to!  I love it.

Oh yea, I also noticed that I'm 14 posts away from hitting 300 blog posts.  I've got to quickly think of a cool giveaway for my 300th post.  Any ideas???

Have a beautiful Saturday in your neck of the woods.


L said...

I love Saturdays. Glad you got to sleep in. I need to get to my sewing machine too. Happy stitching.

Nabila Grace said...

oh how wonderful that you were able to get some rest! ;o) I have no idea about a giveaway! ;o)

Lady Kara said...


Ahh, sleeping in...today was beauty day for me, but I was kind of lazy about it...I've got a pile of mending to do, but who knows when...Maybe a cast iron pot would make a good giveaway! Or a rustic wooden cutting board? Or an apron? Just some ideas...God bless.

Lady Kara

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