It's going to be ok!

In the last 24-48 hours we've gotten prayer requests for a couple of little ones.  A 4 month old baby girl in Oklahoma and a baby boy in utero in DC (only 4 months gestation).

My heart has been heavy for them and I've thought of them and prayed for them often throughout the day.

During our family devotional time, we were having "circle" prayer as my son calls it.  When we each take a turn praying for what's on our hearts.  Tonight each of us prayed for these little babes.  We prayed for wisdom for the doctors, strength, comfort, and peace for the parents.  However, my son prayed something that made me stop in my tracks, not because I didn't know this, but because I (like us all) have a tendency to forget.  He said God You are in control, not the doctors or the machines.
For a moment in time, my breath caught in my throat.  He is so right.  God IS in control.  There is nothing going on in the earth that has caught Him by surprise.  There is nothing going on that He doesn't already know about and knows the outcome.  Be it a 4 month old baby Naomi in Oklahoma fighting for her life or the baby boy in DC whose parents are fighting to keep him within the womb a bit longer...God knew all this would take place and He knows what the end will be.

We know that there is NOTHING too hard for God, be it miraculous healing or paying a bill.  God is able!!!!!!!!


L said...

Yup, it's going to be ok.

Nabila Grace said...

yes my dear He is able! I sing that song to myself from time to time just to remind me of it! :o)


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