Post #300... A Post of Thanks!!!

*********Thank you to the two ladies that participated.  Congratulations to Angie!!!!!!!  And Nabila I need your address as well, I have a little something for you to!!!  Love you ladies!

]Here is a picture of the pouch I made the other day!  I had loads of fun making this and plan to make several more and put them up in my shop!  This one contains all my Scentsy mini testers...

I've been wondering all day what I would post about.  Did I have something monumental I wanted to share?  Would I share what my family and I have been up to?  What about what God is doing in our lives?  Well, I contemplated over and over and finally just sorta gave up the thought.  Suddenly I knew exactly what I would post about.  Today's post is full of Thanks for those that mean so much to me or have inspired me in some way.

So without further ado, Let's begin...

I've met some awesome and wonderful people via this thing we call the World Wide Web.  I've met some friends that have become life long friends, more so than some of the people I know in person...there are a few exceptions of course.

Kelly, she has truly become a dear sister to me in my life.  She lives not far from us and we see them as often as we can, she has a heart and passion for her family.  11 arrows make up their clan and this family shines forth with the love of Christ.  She has prayed me through some very rough times.  I'm forever grateful for our friendship.

This could be said for the next few ladies as well.  Angie is a jewel.  I met her when we were both part of a tubal reversal group many years ago.  She has been a delight and her family has become my family.  She too has prayed me through some dark times.  Sandra another jewel.  She has inspired me in countless ways.  I admire her hunger and thirst for God and her family.  I anxiously await the day we will get to meet in person.  The first time I ever spoke to either of these ladies, I knew in my heart that we were kindred spirits and God had a purpose for bringing us together!!!  I still feel that way. Love you both!
Then there is L.  She is an amazing woman that has a fight within her beyond my understanding.  She inspires me to step out on my faith day after day.  I also can't forget Diane, Lady Kara, and Nabila....these women make me want to live such elegant yet content lives.  They inspire me to be ME!!!  
I love y'all to pieces!!!!  Thank you for being YOU!!!

Now the next few people I will mention, I've never met or talked to, but they inspire my creativity.  I've watched EVERY video they've ever posted, Read EVERY blog post they've written, and gone to their websites countless times.  I pray that as you check out their sites, you too will be inspired in some creative way!!!

Vanessa amazes me with her talents.  You can check out her youtube channel here, her blog here, and her website here.
Missouri Star Quilt Company....I've learned countless techniques and I love their shop (wish I could shop there more often, but you know how it goes).
And then Pat inspired me to just step out there and try free motion quilting and I did.  And guess what????  I loved it.  I'm just getting started, but oh the places I could go.  Oh wait, this isn't Dr. Seuss!!! HA HA  She has inspired me to at least try.  

I pray you will stop by their sites and take a look for yourself.  You won't be disappointed with any of the above mentioned blogs, shops, and so forth.  
Check out my amazing friends as well.  Ummmmmmm, I just don't know if I want to share them though! LOL!!!!  You will find that they are awesome just as I do.  

And I suppose you've been waiting for me to get to the give-away???!!!  Well, not to disappoint you, scroll down a bit further.  Go ahead...

I want to bless someone with this nursing cover up.  It's in browns and blues.  It has a nice size pocket for binkies and keys.  I made this one with a little extra fabric because it just seemed more modest.  You could win this for yourself or a gift for someone else.  And if you keep looking further down, you will see an adorable wipe case that has been decorated so cute and all.  I don't have this specific one, but if you look to the right and look at that fabric, I will decorate one using that print and embellish it with a monogram for that special babe.  These would make delightful gifts.

Ok, so how can you win this?  Well, if you will host a Scentsy basket party with me gets you an entry.  Commenting on this blog post gets you another entry, then if you will post about this giveaway on your blog, that qualifies you for 2 more entries.  Now each time you do one of these things, you must come back and let me know and by Friday, March 25th, I will announce a blessed winner!!!!

Ready?  Set??  GO!!!!!!!



Angie said...

I absolutely love the pouch! I want one... It's too cute!


Nabila Grace said...

Oh my dear! You inspire me! ;o) Happy 300th post! I just crossed over my 100th! ;o) *hugs* Hope your day is going well!

Lady Kara said...

Hi Tasha,

What a sweet post! (I hope this comment goes through) You inspire me as well! Congrats on 300 posts! May your blessings increase over the next 300!

God bless,

Lady Kara

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