Productive Day

The first half of the day was not so productive.  I stayed in bed much later than I should have, but I so enjoyed it immensly!!!  Then I was in a lazy mode and let my son go in the grocery store to purchase the groceries.  He did an awesome job and I'm proud of him!!
Then I took some time to sort through my Scentsy testers and took out all the discontinued scents.

The most fun in my day was some free motion quilting I did and making a quilted, zippered, pouch.  I've never done either of those things and let me tell you, I had the most incredible time.  I watched several videos and followed along and WOW!!!!  All my fears of free motion quilting and putting in a zipper just melted right away.  The zipper technique was beyond simple and the free motion quilting...well it looks like a 3 yr old scribbled all over the fabric, but I had major fun scribbling.

I'll post a pic tomorrow of the finished project.  I have to make another one and will take pictures as I go along through the steps.   Then I'm going to tackle a quilted laptop cover!!!!

By the way, I'm one post away from 300 posts!  I find that hard to believe.  So I'm going to host a give away for my 300th post.  Keep an eye out for it......


Nabila Grace said...

oh how fun! :o) What videos did you watch? I need to text you soon for another marathon text-a-thon lol ;o)

Angie said...

What happened to your 300 post? Where is the picture of the quilted pouch? Patiently waiting



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