As I sat here contemplating what to do after our lights, water, and internet are disconnected, I grew heavy with worry and fear.  Then I began reading some of the news about Japan.  Mind you I don't watch tv but about once a week, if that, so reading what I was reading sounded daunting.  It also changed my perspective.  
Yes, we will be without lights and water, but there will be many that lose their lives with those nuclear reactors failing.  God will make a way for us, but I'm pushed more to pray for them.  Pray that they know Jesus, so when the time comes for them to leave this earth, they will have an eternity with HIM!!!!  It also makes you think what about us????  Many in the USA have the mentality that this won't really effect us, but in reality, they are already finding increased numbers of radiation in some of the milk supplies.  

So if YOU don't know Jesus, I pray you take the time to learn of Him and accept Him and if you have do know Jesus, take time to minister to someone and bring them to Jesus.  Only He knows the number of our days!!!


Lady Kara said...

Hi Tasha,

Good for you, Sister! A true example of "turning your eyes upon Jesus". Will be praying hard this weekend for you.

God bless,

Lady Kara

Love Abounds At Home said...

My pastor and his wife just got back from Africa. They told us that we don't know how good we've got it here in the USA.
You have a great perspective my friend *hugs*


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