The Testing of My Faith

No sooner had I declared that God is faithful, that the enemy began to hit with hard punches.  The transmission on my van is slipping and there are no funds available to pay for repairs.  And the voices of the enemy crept in and my blood pressure began to rise.  We made it to church safely and I parked the van.  I was so down, I was determined that there was no point in my attending service and bringing someone else down.  And just as I began to get comfortable with this idea, the Lord said NO!!!

I did attend Wednesday night service and poured out my heart before the Lord.  My circumstances have changed yet again.  Without the money to fix the problem, it will only get worse.  I will not have transportation to find work or go to work once I find it.  Without work, bills don't get paid.  Unpaid bills, well....................

And so I cried out.  Lord I choose to believe what Your Word says.  I choose to believe that You are faithful and unchanging.  I don't know how you're going to work this out, but I'm trusting that You will and in the end You will be glorified.  I have no resources, but You are my source and all things belong to You.  I left church last night a bit more up beat.  I will continually have to fight the enemy because he has not stopped taunting me, but I believe that this is also for my growth, confidence, and stability in Christ!!!!

Praying for a miracle as I find out how much it will be for repairs.  And focusing my eyes upon Jesus, trying to see things from God's perspective and not from the view I have here within the circumstances.

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Yvette said...

Thank you- your post was an encouragement to me. God bless!


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