It's Saturday...

And I'm still trying to win this MILL!!!

But on a serious note, please be in prayer for me and my children.  I'm getting very discouraged in my job search.  I know there are thousands upon thousands that are out of work and I empathize and sympathize with them as well.  This can cause one to totally give up.  I'm trying to keep my focus on today and today only, praying continuously for my DAILY bread, but it gets hard when you know utilities are scheduled to be cut off and temps are soaring into the 100's.  I'm considering going back to school, but that still means I need to have some kind of income to take care of our needs.  I'm seeking ways I can earn extra income from home, but that has not transpired as of yet.  I'm also seeking employment as a nanny or housekeeper, but still to no avail.

Lord have mercy on us unemployed.  Provide the needs we have and cancel any debts You see fit to cancel.

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Angie said...

My dear sweet sister-- I know this is a great test of faith. But He loves you and he will take care of you... As he has so many times. I love y'all


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