Long Time...

It's been a while since I've seriously blogged.  I haven't had much to say really.  I've been trying to refocus my thoughts and heart toward Jesus and re-evaluate what's going on in my life and the things that are important and of value to me.
God has had to pry some things out of my grip and I'm slowly moving along drawing closer to Him and yet waiting for instructions for the next steps I need to be taking.
God answered so many prayers during our trip to Arkansas regarding the house and van, but there were still some heart wrenching prayers that I had no answers for yet.
I've been chewing on a verse in scripture...Genesis 12:1 Now the LORD said to Abram, "Go forth from your country, And from your relatives And from your father's house, To the land which I will show you;
I've been trying to wrap my brain around this verse and really get ahold of it for me.  I'm probably making more out of it than needs to be, but hey, that's how I process things. 
My closest friends know that I've said there is but one thing keeping me in Texas.  I can correct that and say there are 2.  The first being my home church and the second being my sons karate instructor.  
Well, as I've been praying God answered the first and solved that "problem" for me.  I can watch my pastor on the church channel online, I can order his DVD's weekly, as well as get his teachings on CD weekly.  OK, next...
I'm praying now about the karate thing.  When you're a single parent, it's hard to find people you trust to be around your children.  This instructor has taken my son under his wing in a sense and He is a man of faith.  He doesn't do anything spectacular with my son, but my son thrives under his encouragement when they are at practice.  He and his wife are always speaking truth to my son and I'm hoping that when I do make the move, that we are able to find and instructor comparable to the one he has now.
I have no clue when I'll make the move, nor where EXACTLY we'll be heading.  At this point I'm thinking it will be somewhere in Arkansas, but I'm still waiting for instructions.  
If we cross your mind, please pray for us, that God will speak specifically speak to me in this area.  I'm kinda one of those "IN YOUR FACE" kinda gals.  I don't want to leave any room for doubt.

I've also decided to train to be a pharmacy tech.  I began training over 12 years ago and never finished.  I am pretty sure this is the route I'll be going.  I'm trying to get registered, as classes start on the 20th of next month.  I'm pretty excited and ready for this next phase.  I've been trying to work out a schedule I'll be available to work, I will do part-time so that I can still be home for the most part with my children.  Please pray for wisdom in this area as well.  Once certified, I can work in any pharmacy in TX, but I've also begun researching what I need to be a tech in Arkansas and it doesn't appear to be much.  I would like to get at least 6 months of experience under my belt here in TX.

We're having record heat here.  At times I swear we have knocked on the devils door. (no snide comments please, it's just a joke).  I'm ready for the heat to leave and fall to usher in cooler temps.  I'll try my hand at a fall garden.  My spring/summer garden burnt up from the scorching heat.  I wonder what gardening in Arkansas will be like...


Anonymous said...

Missed you, girl!

I know what you're going through. I wish I could say, "Come up here and stay with us a while" but I'm in a similar situation myself.

Will continue praying.

God bless,

Lady Kara

Farming On Faith said...

It was nice hearing from you.
Thanks for stopping by~ I have you entered


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