Blessing of Giving

I got a text message from a sweet friend whose family has had a hard time this year with her husband getting laid off from a job he held for almost 17 years.  God has truly sustained them through the hard times and given them bountiful blessings when they least expected.
Last night was no exception.  She said to me just days ago that they had no extra money, food was running low and she was beyond in the dumps because of the lack.  I could totally understand her heart and began to pray for her.  On Thursday, while fasting, I mostly prayed for her and her family.
They went to a Christmas church gathering last night and God laid it upon one of the members hearts to bless her family.  She, not knowing what took place, her husband drove straight to the grocery store for some much needed groceries.  To her surprise and yet humble and thankful heart, they had no food for supper last night until God in His infinite wisdom, grace, and mercy, provided it.
I will continue to pray for their provisions, much as I do for our own.  God is faithful and able to supply all our needs.
Lord I thank You for meeting the needs of my friends and their family.  Thank You for meeting my family's needs as well.  We are so ever grateful and thankful for Your provisions and Your love for/toward us.

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