It Really Works

OK, so I know this won't be a surprise to all of you who cook on a regular basis, but I'm one of those skeptics until I try it for myself.
My family likes cilantro like you can't imagine.  We love the smell of it and the taste of it is unbelievable.  My big issue is that because we like it so much we usually put it in several of our meals several days per week.  So I big several bunches of it at a time.  However, it would go bad before we could use it all and I was getting frustrated with the waste.
So I watched videos of many chefs and saw them with a nice glass container with cilantro or parsley in it.  Did a bit of investigating and "they" say it stays fresher longer if you put the stems in a container of water in the fridge.
So, I gave it a try for myself, all the while expecting it to go bad in just 3 days.  Well, we are on week 2 and I just chopped the last of it up for the tortilla soup I'm making for supper tonight.
Guess what?????  It was still crispy and fresh!!!!!  The leaves were still bright and vibrant.  The smell still fresh as well.
I don't have a nice glass container so I just used a regular cup, added some water, washed my cilantro and cut off about 1/4 inch of the stems and placed them in the cup and the cup in the fridge.  I'll be doing this from now on.  
That's it!!!  I used some throughout the first week and didn't mess with it again until this evening.
Ok, so share you're cooking tips.  I need one for keeping lettuce fresh and crisp as well.

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