God hears our every prayer

I'm searching for a job and have had no current Pampered Chef parties. Funds are non-existent right now and my gas hand was on E. I was unclear what I was gonna do for gas the rest of this week, let alone for that day.

I had a class to be to yesterday and was already riding on fumes, a wing and a prayer.

I decided to check the mail when we got home and there sat an envelope with an unfamiliar name on it. I don't know anyone in NY so who could be sending me something? I had no clue and was too anxious to wait until I got home. I ripped it open while trying to drive. Out fall 2 money orders for $20 each.

Then I read the note enclosed. A year and a half before I was a part of a couple of tubal reversal groups in hopes of getting my tubes untied and praying for more blessings in the way of children.

This particular group closed and for some reason had not used my donations to fund anyones reversal. The group owner sent them back to me in hopes that I could use them. I of course had completely forgotten about it, seriously thinking my donations had helped to make someone whole in body.

I immediately called the 2 places I purchased the money orders from. The post office said bring it back in and they would give me my money back. The other company will charge me a $4 fee, but will send the remainder back to me shortly. I already put the first $20 in my gas tank and have gas to get to and fro for the next week.

God is so good and faithful to answer our every need. He hears our every prayer, we just have to hurry up and wait for his answers. I'm the first to admit it's not always easy.

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