Look out kitchen, here we come...

Well, they aren't fresh from the berry patch, but they will do.

The children and I went to walmart and bought frozen blueberries and raspberries. We're gonna make cobbler!!!

We were all so impressed with C's cobbler Sun. afternoon that we must make one for ourselves.

MMMMM I can taste it already.

I'm also going to attempt to bake bread. I've not made bread in a long time and with the price of bread going up, I think this is a perfect time to get back into it.

The children miss my homemade bread. I didn't realize just how much they looked forward to it until I saw the price and said no way am I paying that, I'm making it from now on. Then you hear all the joy in their voices as they jumped with excitement.

Since today has been such a busy hectic day, we will tackle the baking tomorrow.

Until then...

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