Cherish every moment

This afternoon my son and I went to pay the electric bill. At first I was going to make him stay home and finish his school work, but at the last minute changed my mind.

As we were riding along, he began to ask me questions about his father, talk about various topics that were on his heart, and at times just be down right silly. I looked over at him, thinking to myself, that in just a few short years these opportunities will be gone.

There were moments that I got to share spiritual things with him and I realized that now is the time for me not only to make memories, but now is the time for me to speak truth into his life/heart. Now is the time that God has given me to speak into his life what God wants him to hear that will carry him on into his adult life. I cherish this time that God has given me to mold his life and speak truth to him. I am so very grateful that God would entrust to me the vessels in each of my 3 children that I could fill them with His truth.

Don't take any moment for granted. God gives us these moments to raise soldiers for His kingdom. Take every opportunity and sow seeds of righteousness into your children.

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