What's Been Happening?

Well, I started back to work on 12-17 in the OB/GYN Department. I was/am very grateful and blessed, but it did send me into a bit of depression. I was getting back into the swing of things being at home and had begun to see behavior and attitudes in my children changing. They need me at home with them so badly.

I've been at work a full week now and thankfully the Christmas holidays are coming up. I will have 5 more days at home with my children. I did get alot of organizing and decluttering done last week while I was home and I'm hoping to do more of the same in the next 5 days. Well, after I finish knitting Christmas gifts that is. I'm going to be busy, busy, busy!!! ;-)

The children are cherishing their break. The girls are knitting away and planning their last minute shopping outings this weekend.

I regret in a sense there will be no store bought gifts under the tree from me to them, but in another sense, I am blessed to be able to give them something from my heart. Thankfully we taught them what Christmas is really about and that Jesus is the reason for the season and we must celebrate Him, not ourselves.

We will attend church on Sunday and prayerfully their dad will join us, we'll pray for it anyway.

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