The House Saga...STILL continues

Only not like you think. The single wide has been moved and set up. We are currently cleaning and making minor repairs to walls so we can begin moving in this weekend.
It has been a journey…a long journey. I know God had His purpose for dragging it out, but I am so grateful that leg of the journey is over.

Tuesday morning we had many bumps and snags along the way, but with each one, I prayed and God opened doors, softened hearts and made a way out of no way.

Tuesday evening could have been a better evening, as we had some serious family issues that I won’t publicize here, but even in that, I know God is still faithful.
He will turn our gray sky blue and at the end of this we will see the finished picture and say To God be the Glory!

Now, the way the house saga continues…well, just stay tuned and I will keep you informed.
The next phase is replacing the roof!

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