I Scream, You Scream, No we aren't screaming for Ice Cream

Can you say excited and ready? I've been checking out the Habitat for Humanity website (the store) and I'm getting really excited about the housing renovations I'll be doing.
There was a clip from one of the local news stations about the store. This man was given a quote of $3000 to re-do his bathroom. He did it for $32 by going to the HHS! Can you believe that? $32 and that was for everything!
So then I went on their site to see what materials they have and they give you various lists of things they have or may have and the price range. I will be able to afford to remodel one room per month at the rates they give or if need be one room every other month.

So, First things first, I am trying to find out if there are any churches that will help by blessing us with gift cards to purchase the roofing materials. That's my first priority. Then I will be re-doing floors. Actually I will need to put new plywood down through-out the entire home first. This is what I mean by doing the floors. There is some major water damage to alot of the rooms, plus the plywood is more sturdy and durable than the particle board that is down AND it will be easier to put hardwood flooring on it.

Those will be the two most costly things I am faced with before the year is up. Then the beginning of the year I am looking to replace the walls in each room with mold resistant sheet rock. Now, from there, I believe things will flow a bit smoother as I should be able to purchase most of my materials and necessaties from HHS.

And get this, I'm going to put a small Island in the kitchen with a marble top. We went to Home Depot and the lady tells us they don't custom make many Islands anymore. They take cabinets that the customers choose and arrange them the way the customer wants, puts paneling on the areas that don't have doors or drawers and voila!!!! an Island that is "custom made".

So now if you know me, you know my creative juicese were flowing at this point.

I was dreading the things that need to be done in the home because of the cost, but ONCE AGAIN, God is so good and loves me so much, He is showing me how to do it!!!! Just like He did when we built the chicken coop (which needs to have new plywood put on it).


Anonymous said...

This is very exciting!!!! Joanna told me that they bought many of their supplies to build their home from Habitat. We're going to look into it too, except it will be a few years! LOL

Momofsix said...

We will be there as much as we can to help. In the mean time.. feel free to call Sam, or email, whatever to ask him any construction questions. He would love to help!



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