Remembering 9/11

There aren't many events in my life that I can remember what I was doing or what was going on around me, as well as I can on the morning of 9/11, seven years ago.
I had the radio set to come on every morning and I would wake up to the music. What I was hearing wasn't sounding right. I lay there. Surely they were making a HUGE mistake in their report.
An airplane went into a building in NY. Are you serious? Wow, wonder how they lost control of that one...was my thought. But then I sat straight up in bed and my first thought was OH MY GOD WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!! Is this what the end of the world is supposed to be like? I don't remember reading that in my Bible. I thought we would be caught up first. Then I thought good Lord I've been left behind. This is no joke, these were my thoughts.
Then I ran to turn on the tv and right before my eyes I saw the second plane go into the second building. And I fell to my knees and started screaming!
My mind did not want to believe what my eyes were seeing. I begged God to please let the people get out safe, please don't let it be mass casualties. I begged and begged, then they said another plane had gone down and then another.
Then, as though it couldn't get any worse, one building started falling and you see people jumping from the other and then it falls. People screaming, running, confusion on their faces.

Those images are forever ingraved in my mind. Visions that will never go away.
I, like many others, watched the news for days and days until finally it dawned on me that my children were getting depressed.
This morning my son said "we won't be turning on the tv at all today, I don't want to see the videos of it again". And though I still grieve for the loss of the innocent lives, he is right. I can't bring myself to watch tv today. My heart still cries for them all, but especially the children!
I think we got too cocky and believed it would never happen on American soil, but we were wrong. I thought after this our nation would turn back to it's roots and once again become a nation whose people's hearts were turned to God. I thought we would have revival.
And in some sense, all of that did happen and then again, some things got even worse.
I pray for revival for our nation, because next time God may do just as He did with the Israelites and allowed them to be taken captive because they had turned so far away from Him.

Please pray with me in rememberance of the innocent lives taken and those affected by the cowardly act of so many on 9/11, but please also pray with me that we will have revival in our land, our cities, our states, our nation!

May God Bless the families who lost loved ones on 9/11.

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