Missions...Pray, Give, Go!

I have come to understand that God does everything for a purpose. My being a member of The Potter's House was for my salvation. I learned to worship, tithe, etc. It was the beginning of my growth and deep love for Jesus.

I am learning in Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship God is grooming me and preparing me for my calling. I have felt or sensed for most of my life that I would be involved with orphans. Children are my passion. In more recent time, God has revealed to me a vision of opening an orphanage, but not like any other I have seen. Sorry, I can't reveal the specifics at this point.

I am having a strong urge, desire, or longing to go on a mission trip. OCBF is a strong advocate of missions. My oldest daughter has had an urging or desire to go on the mission field as well, since she was about 7 years old.

OCBF had what they called A Taste of the World on Wednesday night. There was a missionary there that helped to translate the New Testament for a group of people in Papua New Guinea. Her testimony was awesome. She has spent 24 years of her life as a missionary and 11 of those years in Papua New Guinea. We then went to several booths where they told you of different places of the country to go to for short term mission trips. My heart was opened and receptive. I know I want to do a mission trip and I really want us (my children and me) to do it together. I think it will be a life changing experience for each of us.

Well, for the month of September, 91.7 FM-KVTT collected shoes for children around the world. I thought it was on going until October and had planned to buy a pair of new shoes to donate, however it ended today. The finale was a final shoe drive and concert. They had warehouse tours so that we could see how they collect, sort, label, box, and ship the shoes out all over the world.

My heart was moved like never before. I knew in that instant, that this had to do with a portion of my calling. The mission trips we heard about at church on Wednesday were touching and just what God began to use to soften my heart and to get my heart to be receptive to what He has in mind. This information that was given is what moved me to tears and made me say YES Lord, I will go! I want to take off the old socks/shoes (if they even have any to begin with) off the feet of these orphaned children and wash their feet, as Jesus did with the disciples, and place on them a new pair of socks and shoes.

Well, we are first going to volunteer to help at the warehouse to help sort and package the shoes for shipping. Then we will begin to save the money up to GO!!!

Please pray with us and for us that we may do what the Lord is so obviously calling us to do.

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