Yikes, IKE

On Friday I called my Aunt, who lives in Galveston very near the seawall. I wanted to find out for sure where she was and to know that she was safe. I asked her where she was and got the shock of my life, she was still in Galveston and was refusing to leave. Needless to say, my blood pressure went up and the anxiety increased. I could not believe that she was still there, but even more than that, I could not believe she was determined to stay there.
With other family members calling to try to persuade her to leave and finally her cousine going to get her, she finally gave in and left.
I heard from her last night and she was in Spring, TX and was safe. RELIEF!
I wonder now, as she is able to watch news reports, what her thoughts are. She claimed that it wouldn't get so bad and now I wonder as she looks at things that were there for years and are now gone, what are her thoughts.
We still have no word if her house is still standing, flooded, damaged, or what. The entrance into Galveston is blocked with boats and debris. A life changing moment. Lives lost, lives altered, a moment in history, forever a mark in my heart.

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