The Day After!

While thanksgiving is year long, or should be at least, the BIG meal to celebrate it has passed. We had a slightly non-traditional meal and it was great. It really was great!!!

WE finally sat down to eat around 5ish and to hear my children raving over the food and how good it was and so forth, was a blessing to me. They all really loved EVERYTHING. Then we did what most do, we fell asleep! Oh yeah, we did watch part of the football game and my children were able to see the Jonas Brothers during half-time. I still have no clue what is so great abut them, but I don't say too much, because I remember when...

We had to get back out of the house to take a movie back, but as soon as we returned, we enjoyed dessert. My baby girl made a cherry cobbler, cream cheese pie, and 2 pumpkin pies. So, seeing as to how we had a hard time choosing just one, we had a small piece of each. Warm cobbler, with vanilla ice cream on top, pumpkin with cool whip, and cream cheese with a glass of milk; LOL Delicious.

Then we just spent time hanging out together. We played Mad Gab and then they played the video game (weekends and holidays are when they get to play so they take full advantage of it).

For breakfast this morning we had pumpkin pie or cherry cobbler...which ever was prefered. Still Delicious.

I pray your Thanksgiving was a blessed one, but remember to give thanks all year round, not just on one day that man has set aside. Give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good and His mercy endures forever!!!

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