We were supposed to be in Houston by now, to spend Thanksgiving with dear friends. However, that was not what God had planned for us. It's hard sometimes, excedting God's Will, especially when you have one of your own and you think yours is far better. ;-)
So the children were disappointed as was I. We really need to get away from here for a while and just have some fun and not have to worry about all that is taking place and has taken place in our lives. You know, just a breath of fresh air.

Anyway, we stayed up way too late last night, ummmmmmmmmm this morning, watching movies and just hanging out together. The children thought I had to work today but when they discovered that I had taken the day off, they were happy. As much as I love being with my children, my children love being with me in return. That is a blessing!!!!

We made out our own Thanksgiving menu...nothing traditional I don't think, not much anyway. I never fry foods anymore, but they asked for fried chicken, broccoli & rice casserole, yams, pea salad, rolls, cabbage, dressing, cream cheese pie, pumpkin pie, cherry cobbler, vanilla ice cream, and sweet tea.
Makes me hungry just typing that down.

At any rate, we are still most thankful for much. I'll post tomorrow how our day went. We're gonna enjoy every minute of it.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and in all thing give thanks, even the disappointments!!!

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