Is it really Saturday already?

I have to tell you I am so grateful for another day and the ability to wake up and see it, but I really dread that I must return to work on Monday. I have enjoyed this time off.
We haven't done a lot, but to just be able to spend time with my children is a blessing. We've played games, talked, laughed, watched way too much television, and they have played the video game way too much as well, but it has been good to just veg. out and not have to get up early and go anywhere.
The brakes on my car are in need of desperate replacing and the inspection sticker must be replaced as well, so that has hindered us from doing much. We may try to get out of here and go to the park or library...not sure, it's still raining off and on.

The other thing is we will officially be in the other house next weekend. I won't have the money to get the heater connected and inspected, so I'm looking for room heaters, but we will be in it. Closure for this other journey is upon us and we are all ready. Our current home holds so many lovely memories, but they are over-shadowed when your family is torn apart and hurting. So we look forward to a new perspective and a new beginning.

There are also other decisions I will be making in the next few months and I ask that you all please pray for me, that I hear the voice of the Lord clearly and follow His leading.

Christmas will soon be upon us. We will do Christmas a little different this year. We won't exchange gifts until January. But the spirit and meaning behind Christmas won't change. We actually thought a few years ago that we would have this type of Christmas, but God stepped in and it was a miraculously, wonderful Christmas. He may have something like that in store for us yet again, and then again, this may be another Christmas where we just focus on HIM entirely. Afterall, He is the reason for the season!!!

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