December? Already?

Can you believe it’s December already? Where did the time go? Man did I accomplish all I set out to accomplish in 2008?
Well, it is December, the time flew by so quickly, and no I did not accomplish all I had hoped in 2008. There were many set backs, but many opportunities to get closer to my Savior. I’ve complained and murmured because I sure as heck didn’t like the avenues through which God was molding me and making changes in my life. But as I look back I am so grateful that through it all God has not left me nor let me go.
I’ve had to go back and relearn some things that I learned and conquered (so I thought), but in this round of learning, I have come to appreciate the lessons learned.
I commune with God more fervently and frequently. I am still learning how to pray scriptures. I am also relearning trust!!! Now that is not an easy one.

I am back at work after 5 days off. I enjoy those 5 days and look forward to the time when the Lord calls me to be a full time mom again. Things I took for granted. Cherish your time with your children, it is priceless. We had a ball!!! We played games and talked, laughed, cooked, ate, and slept. We needed that time together.

Now to refocus and seek His guidance with our homeschooling. I don’t know what the Lord has for us, but I am waiting patiently!!! His will be done.

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Momofsix said...

Praise the Lord for answered prayers. May the Lord be with you in your transitions. God forbid we ever get to a point that we take advantage of our blessings, most of all time we have to be together~

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