Christmas 2008

It went by so quickly! We enjoyed a quiet day. We did make a cake and sung happy birthday to Jesus. We didn't get around to cookies that day. I did cook, but my children's father took us to IHOP instead. That was fun and relaxing. We then went back to the house and played a couple of games and stayed up way too late.
Overall, it was a beautiful day. The weather was wonderful and the children stayed outside most of the day...something they enjoy but don't get to do much now that I'm working.
I was off for 4 glorious days and I enjoyed every minute of it. The day after Christmas, I stayed in bed ALL day long. I needed that time to just relax and have some down time. I really needed it. By Saturday evening, I had detoxed from having to come to work and got some things done that needed doing. As of Sunday, I had lesson plans made out and saved to my flash drive to be printed out later. We still don't have our foreign language program, but hopefully by Feb. either way it goes, school will be in full swing come 1/5/09!!!

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