Marriages Under Attack!

2008 has been a hard year for all of us with the economy going hay-wire and the job and housing market flopping. But I also realized that 2008 for some of my dearest friends and many others I don't know, marriages are under attack.

Please join me in prayer for your marriage, others marriages, and soon to be marriages. If some of our greatest Christians are falling prey to divorce, who knows what else will come about!

The enemy is after marriages because that is the building block of our society. If he can cause marriages to deteriorate then he has enough of an edge to begin to tear down the children and that then branches off into our neighborhoods, etc.

If you know of someone struggling in their marriage...first do NOT tell them you understand. Those are some of the most dreaded words, because even if you've been through marital troubles, you still aren't walking in their shoes. Even though prayer is the BEST thing you can do for them, don't say it, just ask them if there is anything you can do for them and then if it's within your power...DO IT. Maybe after a short time, you can let them know you are & have been praying for them.
Then, if at all possible, include the friend and children if they have any to your home or some of your outings. There will be times when that friend will want some alone time, take their children for the day.
For me, one of the worst feelings is being shut out of peoples lives because my marital status was in transition. It was like we had the plague.

If you've joined with me to fast(from breakfast & lunch)/pray on Tue./Thur., please lets make one day about you, your family, your circumstances and the other day for others.

We must cry out to the Lord for each other, the world isn't going to cry out for us!!!

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