Spring Has Arrived

Not only is it official by calendar date, but I have spring fever and I don't want to go to work!
There is so much I need to do, want to do. I've yet to get my garden planted but at this point, where is the time?
I've gone back to work since the surgery and my plate is already overloaded.
I have plants that need to get in the ground, but I must first build the boxes for them. Prayerfully this weekend I will feel strong enough and energized enough to get started. I can't wait to taste fresh tomatoes, peppers, corn, and oh I think I'll try eggplants again too. They were wonderful the first time I tried them. Oh and onions, greens, watermelon, and cantelopes. I even bought grapes, blueberrys, and rasberry plants!
Ok, gotta stop thinking about it for now or I just might walk out of this building and head home....hmmmm before 5 o'clock!!!! LOL

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