How do you do it?

I posed a question to a couple of my friends but got to thinking; I would really love, love, love to hear how some of you do it as well.
What is IT you ask?
1. How does your family decide what will be read and studied for family devotions?

2. How do you decide what you yourself will read and study during your own individual quiet time?

3. Do you require your children to have their own personal quiet time with the Lord?

4. What does quiet time look like for you, what "tools" do you need?

5. What does family devotions look like for your family? Do family members take turns reading passages? Are you memorizing scriptures together?

Ok I think that's enough questions (for now). Chime in, share, I'm sure I'm not the only one curious!

- iTasha


Persuaded said...

1. Will you still love me if I tell you we don't *gulp* have family devotions? We do read Scripture together during school and we will just kind of stop what we are doing and pray multiple times a day, for example when we hear a siren, when the children are having a problem of some kind, when repentance is called for, etc. And of course I pray with each child individually at bedtime. So I'm not completely derelict in this department. yeah.

2. I actually wrote a post on my quiet time routine. Here goes: http://tomatosoupcake.blogspot.com/2008/06/organization.html

3. Yes.... and no... When they are younger, I do require them to have a quiet time. I try to make it a special time: for example buy them a special journal and pens, make them cocoa... whatever floats their little boats, if you know what I mean. Once they get older, say 15 or 16,I encourage but don't require.

4. See number 2

5. See number 1

Angie said...

Well my dear.. I answered the questions again, but I put it on my blog

Love you

Anonymous said...

I dusted off a Read through the Bible in a Year, Bible the other day and decided that I would use that again for this year.
I required personal devotions for my kiddos when they were younger but did not force the issue from the middle teen years on. At that point it became their responsibility. We also did Bible time during school for years. My kiddos are grown but that is what we did. It worked for us.

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