I'm still here

MIA:  Yes, that’s been me.  I thought for sure I would have blogged
more than I have, but alas life has happened and continues to happen.
Sometimes I just want to plop down
And say stop the world, I wanna get off!!!

Seriously though, I’ve been working hard and sewing a lot as well.  I
finally finished my
Nieces baby quilt and matching burp cloths.  I’ll have to take pics.
and post later.  I will
Begin my soon to be newest nephews crib set with matching burp cloths.
His parents requested Texas Longhorn theme.  So the quilt will be Texas
Longhorns and the rest of the set will just be their colors.  I’m
trying to improve my skills on the items I’m planning to sell in my
Etsy shop.  I’ll keep you posted.  As of now, I’m still in the
planning stages, but my dream/desire is to be able to sew full time and
return home with my children.  We’ll see what God has to say!!!

My family is well, moving forward in the grieving of my mother.  Some
days are harder than others, but we’re moving along.  It’s still
surreal to us that she is really gone.  We all sort of wait with
anticipation for her to walk through the door or call.  We found a video
of her on one of our cameras, it brought me to tears.  To not only hear
her voice, but to see her moving around and talking.  Man, that was
hard.  We’ve got tons of family videos we’ve not gone through yet,
but I’m sure when we look at them it will be a rough day as well.
That’s another day to worry about unto itself.

I’m cherishing this moment I am in right now with God.  I’m not
where I want to be this is true, but I’m at a place of peace and
confidence with Him.  I don’t know all that He is doing, but I know
that He is in control and He’ll work all things out for my good…even
if I have to go through the hard times to get to the good. 

In the meantime, Keep Lifting Him up!!! I am…

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