What are you thirsty for?

During our family VBS at church, our youth usually have a theme for their sessions.  This years theme is OBEY YOUR THIRST.

Last night I stayed with the adults for praise and worship and the comedy session, but went across the street to check out what MY youth were learning.  I try to go over for at least one of their sessions and just hear for myself what they are learning.

I got over in time to witness some of the praise and worship by Eddie James and his crew of young people .  It was awesome and the Holy Spirit was not only present, but moving upon the hearts of the youth.  Some of his young people began to give their testimonies about what God has delivered them from and then they began to pray over the youth of OCBF.  It was an awesome time of worship and you could literally see the chains of bondage being broken over these young lives.  Things they've been holding onto in secret thinking no one would know and not realizing that God knew and knows!!!  But to see the lightness in their walk and attitude as the shackles were loosed and they were set free.  Man, I feel the Spirit moving within my heart even NOW!!!

The night was not over as this man from Arizona began to teach.  I've never heard of him before, but oh my goodness what he began to speak to the young people was breath taking and freeing as well.  Chad Johnson spoke truth to these lives and hearts.

Now of course there were some youth there that were strictly there for the ability to visit with others but for those couple hundred that were serious about getting the Word in their hearts...that was an awesome thing to see.

So what are you thirsty for?  (now that I've given you a brief synopsis of night 2 of Family VBS at OCBF )

Matthew 5:6 (NASB)

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

Of course Pastor Johnson broke it down to their level, but never lost the integrity of the Word.  

Do you hunger and thirst for what is right?  And what is right anyway?  In the world in which we live in, society would have us to think AND believe that what is right is what feels good to you.  You've heard it before... if it feels good do it!  Society would have us to believe that each person has a view of what is right and what is not, hence the rapid acceleration of divorce, homosexuality, premarital sex, addictions of all kinds, etc. 
Ahhhhh, but that is not what measures our integrity and it's even more than just following and obeying the 10 Commandments.  It is the Truth, the Word of God, the Living Word by which our rightness is measured.  

But it goes on to say that those who hunger and thirst for doing what is right....they shall be (will be) satisfied (content, pleased, happy).  

We try so hard in this thing called life to fill a void in our hearts, to find something to quench our thirst and longing, but NOTHING ever does; well, for a short moment it does and then we are off looking to and for something else.  Gadgets, money, material things will give us satisfaction for just a moment, but NOTHING was or is ever intended to fill the God sized hole in our hearts.  But when we open the Word of God and begin to see what He has to say about a matter and then meditate on that and do what it says, then the satisfaction from that will overflow.  

Can you imagine a life here on earth that is fully satisfied and content?  It is possible!  
So the question remains, what are you thirsty for? Oh but I have another question, How bad do you want it?  

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