It’s been so long, I hardly know where to start.  I have got to get back in the habit of writing down what the Lord lays on my heart so that I can blog about it at a later date.  There have been so many missed opportunities to blog, simply because I couldn’t remember the wording of something God dropped in my spirit.  Ughhhh, I hate when that happens.  I feel disobedient and like I missed the opportunity to bless someone with some sweet nugget from the Lord. 

I promise I will try to do better. 

I do have a prayer request.  I am about to embark upon a change in my life.  A job change that is.  I’ve not shared this with many people because well, I really don’t feel like hearing how crazy I am.  I actually don’t feel crazy!!!  I feel a sense of peace.  I currently work for one of the most incredible medical schools in Dallas TX.  My job is not one of great difficulty.  There is some stress when it’s time to make one of the 7 schedules I make on a monthly or bimonthly basis.  I am an admin and support 7 doctors, 1 who just happens to be the Vice Chairman of the OB/GYN Dept.  There are moments when everyone is wanting something at the same time someone else is and making the schedules can be a bit stressful, because you are basically orchestrating someone else’s life and you try so hard to keep in mind all that they have to do.  The commute to my job is 1 ½ hours one way, a little over 50 miles from my house.  Now THAT is the stressful part to my day.  
What will I be doing?  Well, 2 part time jobs.  Driving a school bus and working in the cafeteria at one of the schools.  That is until I can get my housecleaning business up and going to the point that I can count that as my sole source of income.  
Isn’t that more stressful you think?  Well, no.  It’s very close to what I was doing before I started working at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.  I worked in the cafeteria and was a bus monitor.  They were both non-stressful jobs and they were both 10-15 min. from my house.  
I have two sisters and one knows about this major change and supports me, because she sees how this job is affecting my health.  She knows that my heart is at home with my children whom I am still trying to home-school.  She has encouraged me beyond measure and doesn’t look down on these 2 part time jobs at all.  My other sister has no clue, because although I know she would mean well and although I know she has worn the single parent shoes, she would not support me, but literally make me feel stupid for making this change.  I know she means well and I know she would be making some valid points.  I will be giving up some decent insurance benefits, but God has worked that out too.  Though the cost would be out of pocket, I’ve found a naturopathic doctor.  I and my children can go to the dental college for our dental needs and our eye doctor is not as expensive as I once thought.  I will just have to strategically plan financially when to take myself or my children to these doctors.  Now for emergencies, I will just have to make payment arrangements and trust that the God who will provide all my needs will also provide for those as well.  
Let’s just say the benefits to me making this change far outweigh the benefits I have at this job now.  I won’t have the stress for one of the commute, or the stress of the job. I won’t have to shell out $25 a month for parking nor the $45 every 2 ½ days for gas.  I also won’t have to be so far away from my children.  I will have peace of mind and that my dear friend is priceless.  I will then only make a long commute on Sundays and Wednesdays since our church is still a slight distance from where we live.  
I will be able to tend my garden, animals, and spend more time with my children, which is the main reason for this switch.  They will get to spend more than just the average 1 ½ to 2 hours with me per day.  Then I can devote more time to building up clients for my housekeeping service and eventually add the side business of sewing as well.  I feel like I will once again be able to breathe and live a life of tranquility.  
I know there will be challenges, but there are challenges in the life I live, with the job I have now.  I know that I will have to change my budget drastically, but pinching pennies and watching God provide will be worth it.  I know we won’t be able to afford many new things and the thrift stores will once again become my best friends and the people at the library will know me again by my first name.  You know what though, it will be a life of simplicity and that is my favorite kind of life to live anyway.  To me, I’m just returning some things back to its natural state….total dependency on God.

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