On this day at 6:47 AM....God brought forth a bundle of blessing!!!!


It's hard to believe that on this date 18 years ago, I was giving birth to my eldest daughter.  WoW!

My how time flies.  Where did my little baby go?  Those chubby cheeks and curly hair.  That grin that
made me laugh and those big eyes that opened wide in surprise when I came around the corner and 
would find her standing happily in her crib?

I'll never forget not knowing that I was in labor and being on the phone with my mom who lived in Illinois
at the time.  I told her my stomach hurt and I thought I had gas.  I couldn't figure out what I ate!!!
I sat there on the couch on the phone with her for well over 3 hours and she'd say "well just tell me when
your stomach gets tight again and when it eases up".  
Silly me, I had no clue.  I told her this for well over an hour and she just kept talking as though nothing
happened.  Told me to get a glass of water and see if that helped and then to try a tums.  Neither helped
and yet all along she was timing my contractions.  
I remember telling her I needed to get off the phone because my husband was walking in from work and 
she wanted to "say hi".  She calmly told him, drop everything, call a cab, get her bags and get her to the 
hospital, she has no clue that her contractions are 3 min. apart.  

I didn't either! It's funny now!!!!

Then I got scared, but still you weren't born until August 1st after 6 in the morning.  You weighed 7 pounds even, had a head full of hair and you were a calm, gentle baby.

7 days later you met your aunt and great aunt for the first time and you sat in your seat contentedly watching Sesame Street and eating PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you stand before me and I am in awe.  Awe at this blessing God trusted to me.  Have I taught you what I was supposed to, is there still time for those things I've missed?  Who is this young lady that I see?  I'm amazed at who you have become.  I'm inspired by your love for Christ.  I'm grateful that you are mine.  At times I am totally speechless.  You look like me!  And you're proud of that!!!!  I love it.  

Today, 18 years ago, I celebrated your birth.  Today, 18 years later, I celebrate your life!  

I pray that you will continue to seek God and chase after Him, leaving all else by the wayside.  I admire who you are becoming and who you are.  You are precious, far above rubies, and He gave you to me...even if for a short time!

I love you with all my heart, 


Love Abounds At Home said...

Now my Chips Ahoy cookies are getting wet from my tears! Girl this is a tear-jerker for sure. Very beautiful :)
Happy Birthday Ariante!

Angie said...

what a sweet sweet tribute to Ari...

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