Totally Amazed

Our Lord's Day was a totally awesome day.  It was simplistic and yet perfect all at the same time.  Church was right on point as Voddie Baucham preached a message on Joseph that had us all looking at that story in an entirely different way  No longer will I picture myself as Joseph again but as Judah.
Then we had dinner at my brother-in-loves grandmother's home.  Delicious!  And she made an apple pie especially for Ari's birthday.
We followed all of that up with a family birthday gathering for Ari at my sister's home, which also included my 80 yr old aunt.  We also started a new tradition....sharing words of adoration for the birthday person.  It was a sweet, blessed time to share what we love and like so much about Ari.  There were tears of joy, but so much laughter as well.
I love my family and appreciate them.  I'm grateful to the Lord for placing me in this family.  I didn't always feel that way, but I've matured some and I know God didn't make a mistake.

Praise Be To God for a most glorious day in the Lord.

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