Somethings wrong with my toy!

Last year I treated myself to a gift I had been wanting for a long, long time.  Actually, we don't exchange Christmas gifts in December, that's Jesus' time.  We exchange gifts in February or March...depends on income tax.
So last year I told the children not to worry about getting me a gift, I knew what I wanted and I'd get it.  It was/is my MacBook.
Well, the cd/dvd drive has stopped working.  It is unable to read the discs but you can hear it trying really hard.  My poor laptop sounds so sick making that funny noise.  I can see signs of where it has been dropped (I'll have to go back to no one touching it but me).
Getting an Apple product repaired can be pretty costly.  I had forgotten that I purchased the Apple Care Protection Plan.  I called today to just get an estimate of the cost for them to just look at it and give me a diagnosis.  I gave the lady my information and she said, to bring it in is free, for us to look at it is free, for a diagnosis is free, and your repair will most likely be free as well.  Normally the only thing this plan does NOT cover is the screen...which is actually glass and to have it repaired is just about as much as it is to buy a new one!!!!!
Well, I totally love Apple products...you can't just walk in with your product, you have to make an appointment to take it in and have a one on one with one of the Geniuses at the Genius Bar.  I'm so stinkin' excited, I get to go to the Apple Store!!!!  I thoroughly enjoy going to the Apple Store, but I'm careful not to go unless I have to.  If I go and I don't need to be there, I begin to drool!!!!  Their products are top notch if you ask me.  Maybe others don't think so, but I've been a fan for well over 16 years and the quality of their products is like none other.

I'll tell you what happens Friday.  Hopefully I won't be separated from my favorite toy for very long.

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Angie said...

well be prepared to leave it at the store, and not see it for a few days at the least. They wont be repairing it on the spot. Which from the sound of it, it is not a software issue but a hardware issue.(meaning the drive sounds bad)
I agree.. nothing beats an apple product or the applecare/ customer service. Having the iphone I have had to go see them a few times, and each time they have been kind, gracious, and worth you going to see them! The store ,for me, is a bit much- way way to busy.. I think the genius bar should be separate from the madness of the store. But this is coming from a person who loves simplicity.


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