"Spring" cleaning....Check!

My first full week after leaving my job and it has been a productive week.  We usually do a thorough cleaning of the house in the spring time.  However, working at UT and enduring that drive, prevented me from really being able to do much in my home and with my children.
Each day of the week we did a different room and cleaned, decluttered, and reorganized it.  Monday we did the living room/sewing room/computer room.
     Tuesday we did the bedroom
      Wednesday we did the laundry room/hallway
      Thursday we did the sheds and yard
      Friday we did the kitchen
Now today I was supposed to do my recipe books and menus, but alas, I have yet to do them.  I'm feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it.  I have tons and tons of recipes and cook books, but I'm determined to narrow it down to only the things that we actually cook.  I'm sick of the clutter.  I love cook books, but I have several that I have never cracked open except for when I bought them.  It's time for them to go and for me to downsize.  They are taking up too much room.

So, with that said, I've had a busy, busy week, but it has been productive.  I've enjoyed every minute of it.  I miss working alongside my children to make our house a home.

Family...it's what makes life great!

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Love Abounds At Home said...

I'm hoping you're on your way to my house to help me clean!
Good for you. I'm so happy for you :)


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