God Brought Forth a Son

On this day 15 years ago, I was giving birth to my only son.  I remember for years saying I only wanted girls.  It wasn't that I didn't want a boy, but I was so afraid of all the things that a boy would/could be faced with.  (Yes in my young, naive mind I didn't think the girls would be face with these challenges)...Gangs, drugs, drafted into the military, and on and on it went.
Then in 1994 I went to Illinois to help my mother with my brother who was dying.  He too was the only son.  We stayed for several months, me and the kids, and when we returned back to my husband in Houston, I told him I wanted a son.  (LIKE HE HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THAT! LOL)
In January of 1995 I conceived my son.  I was sick 8 months of the pregnancy.  It seemed to me that the enemy wanted to attack this baby even before birth.  I think I gained all my pregnancy weight in that one month I wasn't sick because I ate everything that wasn't moving.  Prior to that, the doctor threatened to put me in the hospital because I couldn't keep anything down.
Then October came and my mom prayed her grandson would be born on her birthday, October 8th.  That date came and went and she was disappointed, but prayed it would still be close to her birthday.  Eight days later we talked on the phone and she again said, I think you are in labor.  Head to the hospital and get in touch with your doctor.  HA HA, she was right AGAIN!!!!
They wanted contractions to come stronger and faster and gave me pitocin....EVIL DRUG!!!!!  It didn't work.  God had not only the date in mind, but the time too.
When I laid eyes on that little chubby baby who weighed almost 9 pounds, whewwwwwwww, I fell in love.
I prayed for God to cover him and gave Him all my fears.  My children were my delight and now I had a son.  I often look at him and think of my brother who passed almost a full year before his birth.
When my dad came to the hospital to see him for the first time, he lifted up his feet and hands and said they were huge.  That his hands were so big he'd palm a basketball one day and his feet so big he'd surely be as tall as his grandpa...6'6".
His favorite sport is basketball, but that height thing....well, we still have time.  He has no idea what his grandpa said, but he often prays and has said, "mom, I want to be as tall as grandpa was". :-)

I'm so proud to call you son.  I love your comical side, but I cherish your compassionate side.  Your heart is so big and you've had a love for God all your life.  You professed early in life to speak God's truth and share it with others and the enemy has tried to snuff you out a couple of times already, but that's because he knows the gift within you and how it will change the world when God says it's time to bring it forth.
Your grandmother was proud of you and always stood up for you...she gave you your nickname by the way.

You never fail to make me laugh and I'm never at a loss for hugs...even now that you are 15!!!! ;-)  Many refer to you as a mama's boy and you are proud of it and will agree with them in a heart beat.  I'm proud you are not ashamed.  I suspect even through the years to come you will proclaim it from the roof tops that you're a mama's boy and you love your mama!

I can't climb to the roof, but I can yell it loud and clear, I'm your mama and I love you!!!!
Happy 15th Birthday my baby boy!


Lady Kara said...

How beautiful! Awww, happy birthday, Tasha's son! May you continue to make her proud!!

L said...

Happy Birthday, Tasha's son.

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