Happy Birthday Momma!

 She will forever be the queen of my heart. Today she would have been 68 years old and though she is not here for me to tell her Happy Birthday, the feelings are still the same. I miss her more than ever.
If your mom is alive, don't take these moments for granted. If you can't get to her to hug her, at least call her and tell her how much you love her. Don't let a moment pass that you will later regret, cherish her now...time is much too short and gone before you know it.
Mom, I can't believe you are gone, I can't believe I can't walk out my door and see you piddling with your flowers, I can't believe I can't hear your voice or see your smile. Your name was only a glimpse into the jewel that you were. It's been a hard 10 months without you, but I thank you for the YOU I see in us! Your legacy will forever live on and we will always remember to Keep God First!!!!

She was a jewel, FAR ABOVE RUBIES!!!!  She often wondered why her mother named her Ruby (her mother died when she was just 18 months old).  I believe her mother saw the priceless gem that she was.  I'm sure when she met her on Dec. 9, 2009, she asked her.  What a joy that must have been.  

There are so many things I cherish about her.  She loved to live life and she lived it to the fullest.  She was a classy lady!  Her style was all her own and she wowed folks with her cooking!  Man, I can taste all my favorites now.  She was a mom to many all over the world.  Everyone she met would call her momma and she never hesitated to invite them into our home.  For years I said I was looking for that Titus 2 Woman in my life...I missed it, she was there all along.  Now as I look back to how she welcomed people in our home, fed them, nurtured them, and cared for them...she was modeling hospitality.  She wasn't afraid to share Jesus and often said Put God First, though she didn't learn until later in life exactly what that meant or how to do it.  

She was beautiful!  I loved to see peoples faces when they found out how old she was.  HA she never looked her age.  The picture below was her last birthday before she passed...doesn't look a day of 67!  I always thought it funny to watch the men stare at my momma and she never looked back, just kept right on walking as though she didn't notice.  There was never a woman as beautiful to me as she was.  

I love/loved her beyond measure.  I often pray she knew that!  I don't think I said it enough or showed her enough.  I didn't realize time would be so short.  
After losing my brother to Aids, she said she had lost too many children in death and didn't want to lose anymore, we were to bury her, not her bury her children.  Not long after that statement, she went home to be with the Lord.  
No more pain, no more tears, just shouts of joy and laughter!  One day we'll see her again, but until then, she's watching over us and I believe she would be pleased.


In honor of my mother, I've launched my Etsy shop.  If you will be a new mother or need a gift for a new mother to be, please consider purchasing one of my items.  There will be several items.  At the moment Nursing Cover ups, but soon I will add burp cloths, bibs, snugglies, crib sheets, and crib quilts.  Check back often!!!!  Blessings


L said...

Oh Tasha, that was a beautiful tribute. You're, your momma's daughter.

Lady Kara said...

What a beautiful tribute! I am choked up. Isn't it a blessing beyond measure to KNOW that she is in Heaven waiting for you?

I will check out your store and keep you in mind anytime I need baby things. God bless you, your children, and your store!

Ana said...

Dear Tasha,
I became aware of your shop and blog through the LAF site, which I and my daughters really enjoy. I had to write because I so appreciate your sweet tribute to your precious mother. I thought of my own wonderful mother and how much I love her and then also, my own children. I get plenty of hugs and kisses and for that I am so grateful.
I pray God's greatest blessings on your new shop...
My girls work on a blog about our big family if you want to peek: huronfamily.blogspot.com. It's called "By the Way"

Persuaded said...

Tasha... what a wonderful tribute to your mama♥ It brought tears to my eyes. truly.


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