Walking in the Wilderness

Exodus 5:1 ~ And afterward Moses and Aaron went in, and told Pharaoh, Thus says the Lord God of Israel, LET MY PEOPLE GO, THAT THEY MAY HOLD A FEAST TO ME IN THE WILDERNESS.

I've often wondered why did they have to go into the wilderness to celebrate the Lord.
Over the last couple of days I have listened and re-listened over and over again to a sermon by Pastor Tony Evans.  Revival: The Return of God to His People.  I've listened to it sooo many times that you would think I could quote it by heart and that there couldn't possibly be something new to get out of this sermon.

As I was walking around the kitchen, listening to this sermon yet again, a statement jumped out at me regarding Exodus 5:1.  Pastor explained it like this...
We think the purpose of Pharaoh letting God's people go was so that they could get to the promised land.  That was part of the reason, but before that, He wanted to develop them in the wilderness.  He put them in a situation in the wilderness to learn to put God first, to trust Him, to walk with Him, to Serve Him.  So that when they got to the promised land they wouldn't forget God.

I thought they wandered around because of the grumbling, complaining, sinning within the people.  And then this statement jumped out at me and I tell you God spoke to me.

I am in the wilderness.  I did hear God correctly about quitting the full time job and getting closer to home.  However, God is developing me in this wilderness moment.  It is in this place that God will develop my walk, faith, trust, and relationship with Him.

I seriously ask for prayers.  I am coveting your prayers.  I know that in this wilderness time as God is developing me, that the enemy is upset.  He knows how powerful getting serious about God is.  When people of God get serious about getting right with God, the enemy comes out with all he has.  He will seek ways to disrupt and distract me from getting serious about God.  I go into this with the expectation that the enemy will come, but I'm also praying that he will not be successful with his schemes.  Please cover me and my children in prayer, that the wiles of the enemy will be thwarted.


L said...

Praying for you dear. Like I have said all along, you are a deep spiritual thinker.

Love Abounds At Home said...

Whoever said the only thing that grows in the desert is a cactus didn't walk through the desert we walked through. I grew and bloom into something beautiful in His eyes during my wilderness time. Though the ground I was walking on looked dry to the eye, my roots were being nourished from the Living Water!

Before I went into the wilderness, I was like a rose brush still in the plastic bag waiting to be planted somewhere. Not only did God bloom me, he taught me how to praise Him. My praise is like a sweet fragrance like a rose. Yes, He developed this rose, but gave me strong thorn to prick the enemy when he gets too close!

You're a beautiful rose my friend. God's doing something great in your life. Hang in there :)

Missuz C said...

You are sooo right. And God is still the same, Able God he was when he did all those things for Israel. You are carved in the palm of His hand, by His choice. He will provide. You are in my prayers.

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