Preparation & Praise

I'm mentally preparing to pack things up and get them into our storage shed.  I've tried to mentally think of how we'd cook, eat, and sleep.  Neither of these is easy, but it is my reality at this point.  Come Friday, if I don't have a specific amount of money, the mortgage company will call me to tell me the specific date they will pick up the mobile home we are in.
I'm gonna be honest, cause it's all I know to be...I'm terrified, gripped in fear, and yes, shame.  I'm feeling like a bit of a failure and I'm trying to figure out what the lesson is in all of this.  What would God have me to learn from this?  What is He teaching me?  How can I use this to help someone else going through a tough situation?

I know my God loves me and my children.  I know He cares about what happens to us.  I know that His hand is upon us.  I know that He will work all things out for our good.  So today I choose to praise Him and give Him thanks for who He is.  He is still mighty.  He hasn't changed, He's still our provider, He's still our protector, and He's still God.


Love Abounds At Home said...

Terrified, gripped with fear, I understand why you would feel that way. But shame, no, because you have no reason to feel shame. You have done all that you could do. Even in the midst of this, you can hold your head up. God has not forgotten you. There's still 2 days before you get the call. Praying!!!!!
You know the saints of old used to say, "He may not come when you want Him, but He's always right on time!"
Love you my friend.....

L said...



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