UPDATE on my Update

The mortgage company has called me this morning. They of course don't want to forclose on the home, as this is an extra expense for them. 

They will accept $1086 between the end of today and Friday in order for us to stay in the home. They will defer one payment (Nov. payment) and start me off owing Dec. payment of $369 on Dec. 5th. 

I need a serious miracle. I can't imagine being out in the cold with my children living in our van. That or a shelter will be our only options if we don't have a move of God in our situation. 

I can worry about the conditions of our home later if I can deal with at least knowing we will have a roof over our heads.

Please be in prayer!!!!!!

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Love Abounds At Home said...

Praying here! Hold on to your faith. Hold on so tight that your knuckles turn white from the grip you have. I'm believing God for your miracle. so many people love y'all and are praying *hugs*


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